Consulting Services

Strategic HR Solutions, LLC has an experienced workforce that is intimately familiar with the daily human resources challenges affecting businesses today, so you always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge. We provide a total outsourcing answer to your needs.

We are the leader in both client service and value added services. We focus our efforts on building a solid client base through strategic relationships and living up to our company values. We will offer the highest value human resources consulting experience in the area, allowing controlled and sustained growth.

A detailed explanation of our services are as follows:

Wage and Salary Administration

The Strategic HR Solutions Consultant will obtain competitive market data, i.e. salary survey data from reputable resources in order to compare base pay data for jobs within an organization to competitive market data. The Consultant will then determine the internal hierarchy of jobs within the organization with regards to skill, responsibility, financial impact and the complexity of the number of employees supervised. This internal hierarchy will be matched with the competitive market data to produce pay grades for each job and/or categories of jobs, e.g. exempt versus nonexempt, department versus department, etc. depending upon the compensation philosophy of the organization. A written salary administration plan will be provided to the organization so that they know how to maintain the program going forward.

Union Avoidance

The Strategic HR Solutions Consultant will work with the client's management team to identify avenues that a union might take to establish a stronghold in the company, and then work together to develop and implement a strategic union avoidance plan.

Project Management of the Recruiting Process

Strategic HR Solutions assists organizations with their recruiting process. We work with recruiters or review applications and resumes to assist with selecting the best candidates for open positions. We also utilize Profiles International assessments as a tool to help with presenting the best candidates for a vacant job to management.

New Hire Orientation

Strategic HR Solutions assists with the new hire on-boarding process from assisting with the completion of the proper paperwork, development of the personnel file, and benefits enrollment, through the total comprehensive development of a new employee orientation program for new hires.

Employee Engagement

Strategic HR Solutions works with the executive management team of the organization to assess the current engagement level of employees within their workplace. We then make recommendations to either retain or increase the engagement level of the current workforce.

Progressive Disciplinary Action

We have the ability to assist organizations with the development of a progressive disciplinary action policy and then helping with the implementation of the policy. This also includes the development of a form and the training of management. Working with management on defining whether the employee has a performance or work habit issue, completion of the form and coaching on the conversation with the employee are all included. In some cases, our Consultants may actually participate in the session with the employee and manager.

Conflict Resolution and Investigations

Strategic HR Solutions assists with defining the root cause of conflictive employee situations in the workplace. A formal conflict resolution process will be utilized to help bring the situation to resolution. When necessary, our Consultant may also conduct an onsite investigation in the event of a sexual and other type of harassment, an internal theft, retaliation claim, etc.

Organizational Design

Strategic HR Solutions works with management on designing the optimal organizational structure that will be the most efficient for the business. Defining roles, reporting relationships, and the writing of job descriptions are all involved in the process in order to effectively identify how a job contributes to the business goals and bottom line results of the organization. 


Strategic HR Solutions works with management to complete the termination process. Whether it is a voluntary, involuntary, reduction in force (RIF), or a retirement of an employee we assist in a positive and professional manner. This may include assisting with the completion of the termination paperwork, conducting the termination discussion and completion of the unemployment paperwork, when needed. We may also represent the organization in the unemployment hearing appeal process.

Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks allow employers to get things off on the right foot with new employees. They also act as a useful communications tool between current employees and management. By properly setting expectations for workplace behaviors, work habits and performance, companies may help to eliminate employee relations issues with a well written and legally compliant employee handbook. Below, we have detailed some of the most important elements of an employee handbook. However, we don’t recommend that employers go it alone as there are federal, state and local laws guiding employment practices. Strategic HR Solutions assists employers with creating more than 50 legally compliant employee handbooks every year. Let us help you!

HR Compliance

Background Checks

Employers who make an offer of employment to a candidate and make it contingent upon the successful completion of a background check are doing their due diligence when it comes to protecting their current employees and their business. Strategic HR Solutions offers background check services to include: national criminal history searches, county courthouse searches, employment credit reports, verification of previous employment and education reports, and driving records, to name a few. Help protect your organization and its assets today by contacting us to assist you with this important task.

Federal and State Compliance Notices 

All organizations are required to have the appropriate federal and state compliance notices posted in a common employee area, e.g. break room, lounge, lunch room, etc. within each of their facilities. We assist organizations with making sure that they have the appropriate notices posted so that they are in compliance and for their employees to view.

Employment-related Laws

While we are not employment law attorneys, we have the expertise to advise organizations with regards to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and its Amendments (ADAAA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), to name a few. We understand how they all interact and how they may impact an organization’s HR-related policies and procedures.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

We assist organizations with the development of new and or the revision of current human resource policies and procedures that are compliant with federal, state and local employment-related laws. Examples include: vacation, sick or other-related paid time off benefits, leave policies, computer and email usage policies, anti-harassment and discrimination policies, guidelines for rules of conduct, etc.

Human Resources Audit

Strategic HR Solutions audits an organization’s current HR department or evaluate what their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are and then communicates those back to the executive team along with recommendations for improvements. We then assist with the implementation of those recommendations, if appropriate.

Performance Management

Once the job descriptions have been completed and employees are aware of what is expected of them in their jobs, performance management may begin. Too many times, organizations think of performance as a one-time event – the formal date that the discussion takes place with the employee. However, the performance management process is an ongoing conversation with the employee throughout the year. Defining the organizations goals, department objectives and then relating those to the essential duties and responsibilities of each individual’s job is critical to the success of a good performance management process. Employee’s want to know that what they are doing in their jobs has a direct impact on the overall achievement of an organization’s goals. In addition, mutual respect and trust should be the foundation of the relationship between the manager and the employee. Communication between the two should not be one-sided and involvement from both with regards to planning and measuring performance is important to its success. All should be clearly defined.

Training and Development

At Strategic HR Solutions, designing the perfect training program for your employees, supervisors, managers, and executive leadership team is our goal. Each program is developed and customized to “fit” your organization’s culture and needs. If you don’t see a topic listed here that meets your organization’s needs, Strategic HR Solutions has the ability to design a program for you.

HR Compliance

◾Core Supervisory Skills: What laws do supervisors and managers need to know?

◾The Basics of Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing

◾New Employee Orientation – Getting New Employees Started in Alignment with the Organization’s Culture

◾Diversity and Anti-Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace Employee Relations

Employee Relations

◾Business Communication Skills for Employees

◾Time Management Skills for Employees

◾Self-Motivation Skills for Employees

◾Management Tools: Teamwork, Delegation and Meetings

◾How to be a Leader and Participate in Meetings

◾The Development of Successful Teams

◾Managing Change: Manager or Leader?

◾Managing Change Through Others Performance Management

Performance Management

◾Performance Expectations and the Evaluation Process

◾The Art of Coaching for Results

◾Coaching or Discipline: You Decide

◾Delegating for Results